Terms of use

By installing the Application, you agree to the following rules.

Provided application is a game intended for amusement only, therefore all virtual goods have no cash value. Gamelion Studios owns the exclusive rights to all virtual goods, marks, logos, artwork, and other digital property associated with the application. You may not sell or trade virtual goods or anything associated with the application for real or virtual money.

We make effort to provide a reliable access to our applications, however outages and unexpected downtime may occur. Gamelion Studios does not make any guarantees of uninterrupted or continued service. In particular, lost virtual currency and/or virtual goods may occur from time to time due to technical problems.

Gamelion Studios reserves the right to alter the game content, and may not always inform players of changes. Any actions you take to earn additional virtual currency (except daily free bonus if available) are completely optional, non-refundable, and done of the free will.

Gamelion Studios is a separate company and is in no way affiliated with the companies that operate any existing or future advertising or payment providers that may become integrated with the application, so is not responsible for actions they may or may not take regarding services they provide. Gamelion Studios makes no warranty or guarantees regarding the availability and continued use of these external services. Any problems using these external services must be reported to them directly.

Gamelion Studios is in no way responsible for any personal injury you may incurred through your use of the application.

Gamelion Studios reserves the right to discontinue the application distribution at any time and not to refund real money spent on getting virtual currency.